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Microsoft CSP | Types, Programs, what to expect?


Becoming a Successful Microsoft CSP requires a lot of dedication and smart work. If you are into a CSP Business, this guide is for you. For a successful CSP business, it is important to keep an eye on the requirements that Microsoft updates for CSPs. Another pro tip for CSPs is to go for modern-day CSP Automation.

Bridging the gaps to become a successful Microsoft CSP

Partners are striving to meet the requirements set by Microsoft for Microsoft CSPs all over the world. The cloud and the Edge are two powerful components of how businesses make use of the internet today. A Microsoft CSP Program is needed to make sure you are right on spot and updated with the latest happenings from Microsoft. 

How many Partners Types are there?

There are three different types of Partners under the Microsoft CSP Program:

  • CSP Direct Bill Partners

CSP Direct Bill Partners have been able to purchase third-party and first-party offers from Microsoft Marketplace. Once purchased, you can now sell them further to your customers. There are a few requirements to become a direct Bill Partner like the ability to provide first-level cloud support to your customer and have an infrastructure in place for customer billing management.

  • CSP Indirect Providers

These are also called Distributors. They can also purchase first and third-party offers from Marketplace, however, they can also integrate these offers into their own and resell them to their clients. Again, customer support and billing infrastructure requirements are there for Indirect Providers.

  • CSP indirect resellers

These Partners do not have a direct relationship with Microsoft, rather, they depend on indirect providers for transactions in Microsoft CSP Program. They are able to offer managed services and billing services to customers. 


How MachPanel helps CSPs with its Automation Module for Microsoft CSP?

MachPanel is a great place for CSPs to learn ways to master CSP requirements. MachPanel makes your CSP journey easier and manageable. 

  • Enjoy End to end Automation for your CSP business

To work smart, you need to know where to invest. Automation is one key element that makes your business journey smooth and easy. MachPanel offers the entire lifecycle automation of your CSP business including Microsoft Office 365, Azure Provisioning, Microsoft Hosted Exchange offering, SharePoint deployment and much more!

  • Smooth showcasing, bundling, and selling of your offerings

With a Marketplace at hand, it’ll be a lot easier for you to showcase your products and offerings to your clients. Get complete control over subscriptions and plans with MachPanel through the white-labeled customized storefront. 

  • Easy Billing setup and management

Financial operations are streamlined via MachPanel’s billing automation. You can directly bill to customers alongside consolidated and unified invoices to make the billing process going smoothly.

With an intuitive user interface, MachPanel is easy to use and manage. Start your CSP journey with MachPanel today and take your CSP business to greater heights.

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