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Microsoft Hosted Exchange is a well-known email server solution used by multiple companies of various sizes all around the world. This software comprises convincing collaboration features which assist the organizations in optimizing both communication processes of internal and external collaboration. Hosting Exchange couples email hosting with reliable Microsoft software. Data is kept with the best care and protection in modern ISO-certified data centers. Due to geo-redundant infrastructure, important data of a company is protected efficiently against possible failure and loss. Data is preserved in order with appropriate data protection rules. With the help of Microsoft Hosted Exchange service providers can take maximum productivity by having maximum availability with the latest security standards and technology.

Hosted Exchange 2019 has come up with improved new features including efficient security and performance, improved search options making it easier to find what is required, scheduling features with updated calendars time zones, and text-to-speech option which make emails to be read for you. There are several managed cloud-based email hosting options, but Microsoft Hosted Exchange is dominant in the market due to its attractive features. This software runs on the server and controls all the emails, everything such as outgoing, incoming, and drafts get saved with this software on the server. Exchange is used to centralize every email in a single database. Instead of asking a web-hosting company to manage emails and store them on your computer, Microsoft Exchange assists in managing and back up emails on the server.

Expanding businesses may face issues in scaling up or down in-house Hosted Exchange because it has a limitation due to the capacity of the server. By having hosted Exchange service providers can ensure the space and the availability of the resources. It also facilitates users in case of the migration of offices. Hosted Exchange assists businesses in lowering the overall cost. Hosted Exchange, Infrastructure charges, maintenance fees, and the per-user cost rises quickly in case of in-house setup. Specifically for small businesses paying per month is far less expensive than hosting an in-house Hosted Exchange Solution. Hosted Exchange prevents the organizations from mistakenly sending information by employees to unauthorized people. Hosted Exchange is capable of identifying, monitoring, and protecting sensitive information by analyzing full-text content in depth. This thing helps the service provider to offer their services and generate handsome revenue.


Hosted Exchange offers the better opportunity of better customizing email service according to the customer need and allows to set pricing. Again, it is complementary add-ons like email encryption, archiving, and UCaaS- provide the option to make solution bundles that can be priced depending on values delivered. Hosted Exchange networks are designed to reduce email downtime. Highly protected and geographically scattered data centers make sure 99.9% uptime. Upgrades and security patches are managed by service providers to run the network smoothly. In-house, infrastructure management requires considerable investment for hardware and infrastructure. It also requires space and dedicated IT support for an in-house server. Data loss is another factor specifically in disaster situations. These factors create opportunities for the service providers to offer their services.


The MachPanel automation module for Microsoft Exchange provides entire automation either you are using standalone or multi-datacenter. MachPanel provides you full control over managing, selling, and billing entirely segregated hosted Exchange 2019, 2016 and 2013. Service providers can take full benefit of this Panel providing full automation. By using MachPanel Service Providers can have great control over customers unique needs, they can deal with varying conditions efficiently. Underactive development, MachPanel also offers excellent after-sales support. The multi-tenant Control Panel of MachPanel for Hosted Exchange is known because of its flexibility, user-friendliness, stability and overall functionality in managing mail domains, contacts, mailboxes, and public folders that make it a perfect option for Hosting Service Provider. MachPanel comes with the Migration utilities to import information of existing customers into MachPanel that cut short your time.

Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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