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Microsoft CRM 2013 – Start Selling Hosted CRM


To keep up the pace and technology support, MachSol is speedy enough to roll up MachPanel support for Microsoft CRM 2013. With latest release of MachPanel, you can start selling Hosted Microsoft CRM 2013 to your resellers and clients. MachPanel’s CRM implements all operation of Microsoft CRM together with support for multi-tenancy, enabling your enterprise to improve productivity and work smarter.

MachPanel CRM - Microsoft CRM 2013 Automation Solution

MachPanel CRM adds billing, provisioning and management of Microsoft CRM Services to your hosted services. It allows your enterprise to perform better and in its entirety, by covering every functional capability (e.g. CRM site creation/deletion, Enable/Disable CRM site, CRM Site/Users/Domains, roles management, reporting etc.) Below are some of the prominent features of Microsoft CRM 2013 supported by MachPanel – whilst you can view the complete features list here.

Business Process Flow

With the release of CRM 2013, organizations can now create processes for any entity, as well as processes that go across entities. In addition, multiple processes can be created for the same record type and made available to users through security roles.

Quick Create Forms

Whenever the user clicks create on the top right of the screen, the form that is displayed is called the Quick Create form. This allows users to fill out a subset of fields needed to create the record.

Portable Business Logic

Completely new to CRM 2013, portable business logic is a wizard that allows you to create logical functions on the form including hiding and showing fields, enabling or disabling fields, showing a message, or set ting the requirement level on fields.

Guided Processes

A new visual process display can be made available that guides the user through pre-defined processes. Multiple processes can be added to each record type – think sales process for inside sales vs. outside sales. A sales organization can make sure each required step in each pipeline phase is completed before moving to the next pipeline phase.

Real time / Synchronous Workflows

Processes in CRM 2011 always ran in the background requiring a user to reload the form to see the end result of the workflow. CRM 2013 now introduces processes that run immediately and update the form in real time.

Auto Save

Once you’ve created a record, this new feature automatically saves information on your form triggering every 30 seconds as well as when you leave the form.

If you are planning to start hosted Microsoft CRM Service or looking to migrate from an older version then contact us today to schedule a call with our CRM specialist or to schedule a demo of MachPanel CRM.

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