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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011- Top Features


Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

In January 2011, Microsoft released newer version of Dynamics CRM which was shipped with a lot more enhancement not only in GUI but also in functionality, configurations and integrations with other apps and specially Microsoft Office. Alongside major improvements, Microsoft rolled out for support for cloud based hosted CRM and on-premises CRM deployment which targeted winning the battle in Hosted CRM marketplace.
Withal, following is the list of top features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011:

  + Rigorous Integration with Microsoft Office
      - Contextual ribbon same as in Office 2010
      - Browser clients for Dynamics CRM
      - Improved user experience and personalization
  + Personalization and User Experience
      - Workplace personalization
      - Locale settings
      - Dashboard customization
  + Business Intelligence
      - Multiple Dashboards
      - Trend Charts and Insights
  + SharePoint Integration
  + Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration
  + Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace
  + Cloud Based Deployment
  + Customization and Development

If above mentioned features could be classified then following three categories can be sought:

  + Familiarity – improving user experience
  + Business Intelligence – improving CRM integrity and Insights
  + Connectivity – integrations with Microsoft Apps

In short, CRM is essentially important for business to exploit Sales and Marketing activities alongside customer management and service. These days, CRM’s are even more crucial because now better customer support and management may only lead doing better business. And, using Microsoft’s top-notch CRM solution can help you doing better business by deploying Dynamics CRM 2011 either on-premise or in a hosted mode over 3rd parties. MachSol provides such a state of the art Hybrid Control Panel for Hosted Dynamics CRM 2011 which not only enables you to sell hosted CRM but also to provision and manage Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suit (BPOS) that includes Hosted Exchange, Office and SharePoint.

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