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How do I set up my M365 services?


Microsoft Provides Setup guides for easy Microsoft 365 services setup. To establish a Microsoft 365 Business Premium via the setup wizard, you need to add your domain, users and setup policies. Further, you must add users and assign licenses.

To start the M365 setup, you should prepare your environment, setup the email setup adviser and Gmail contact and calendar (to migrate Gmail user’s mailbox to M365) and other services like Remote work setup and Windows Virtual Desktop setup. Guides from Microsoft provide an easy and fast-tracked approach for M365 service setup. Here are the steps to set up M365 services guide

From Admin Page > goto Home Page. In the training and Guides card, select customized setup guidance. You can now follow the guide.

To get better guidance and expert consultation, Contact a MachSol representative and our team will guide you through setting up your M365 services.

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