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Shifting customers to the cloud with Microsoft Azure Migration


Cloud is the new norm these days and the companies who had opted for Microsoft Azure Migration earlier are ahead of the curve. For a successful business, it is always best to know when to take the right decision of a trend in the market like: when to move Customers to the cloud.

With the latest trends of 2019 being already in the market, companies are struggling to opt for better performance and productivity trends in order to stay ahead of others. With technology evolving in microsoft azure migrationrecent years, many applications and technologies are deprecated over time. For CSPs it is the best time to shift customers to cloud with plans like Microsoft Azure Migration plan, or at least adopt Hybrid approaches, because infrastructures are evolving too.

Microsoft have started to make migrations easier by offering free migration tool like free Migration tool for SharePoint we covered earlier. Not only with the tools, but Microsoft is also facilitating and providing support to the customers to opt for best practices in the Microsoft Azure Migration process.

The Microsoft Azure Migration Journey

The journey of Microsoft Azure migration is a simple process. There are a few phases, which we discuss in a moment, which makes all the actions contained within defined boundaries and hence there is less confusion and more smoothness in migration process for new customers. These phases are:

Access: this phase is for discovering and assessing which resources and data from on-premises need to be shifted to the cloud first and other subsequently. The tool used for migration is also selected in this phase.

Migrate: this phase is for actual migration is defined and executed along with modernization strategies: refactor, re-host and re-architect. This phase includes Infrastructure migration, Data migration and App migration.

Optimize: in this phase, cloud spends are optimized. Customers can use Azure Hybrid Benefit and Azure Reserved Instances along with Azure Cost Management.

Secure and manage: once resources are migrated, their security is crucial. A security and management solution is implemented in this phase like: Azure Security Center, Azure Log Analytics and Azure Backup.

Unlocking the benefits of Microsoft O365 and Azure

MachPanel offers reliable cloud automation solution

MachPanel, Multi-Cloud Operations Management and Orchestration Solutions Platform is a reliable automated solution for your business and considered best in the market. It enables you to manage Microsoft Azure on-premises and your own services with best ROI. It provides resources necessary to showcase, bundle and sell integrated offers. Furthermore, MachPanel provides an automated way to facilitate you with your financial dealings with direct billing, reporting and simplified invoicing for CSP Azure billing. The success of business is accelerated with MachPanel’s end-to-end business automation.

So, it’s high time to take the decision and shift to Microsoft Azure. Get MachPanel to smooth your migration process with our ardent customer support.


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